The Dex-Files (Experiment in Terror #5.7) - Karina Halle

The mind of Dex Foray is a strange and perverted place to be in - and I absolutely loved it!! The Dex-Files (lol) includes some scenes from the Experiment in Terror series told from Dex's rather unique POV. It is a fascinating insight into Dex and I loved him even more after reading this if that is possible. It was a slow-burn (Dex and me) but he eventually won me over as I progressed through the series. He has just graduated to being added to my 'book boyfriends' list. 

Dex might well be a pervy weirdo but he is also loyal, wonderfully sarcastic and (secretly) a bit of a closet-romantic (or at least when it comes to Perry he is). Watching him develop throughout the series has been a real joy and I loved getting further insight in his perverted little mind and boy oh boy does it become clear just how he feels about and views Perry. He always appeared a little stand-offish and hard to read at times seeing him through Perry's eyes but lets just say you find out where his mind was going at certain pivotal points (the dirty scamp)!!

We also get further insight into Dex's background as this novella also includes some scenes from his past. I really loved The Dex-Files (and am looking forward to reading the other companion piece told from his POV And With Madness Comes the Light. If you are looking to get into the mind of the mysterious Declan Foray, then I would suggest picking up this novella.