Lying Season  - Karina Halle

Well I can safely say that Lying Season left my head spinning. This series literally does get better and better with every book (and considering the high standards of the previous books that is some feat).

Lying Season takes the action to Seattle. Dex has gotten himself and Perry a gig filming at a local mental institution. Even more terrifying though, Perry has to stay with Dex and his girlfriend Jenn for the duration of the shoot. Given how Perry is desperately in love with Dex, she knows this is a terrible idea but decides to suck it up and make the best of a bad situation. The Shownet Christmas party is also taking place that week and Perry is apprehensive about meeting the other employees.

As usual, things take a turn for the worse when Perry sees a frightening apparition of a young woman in Dex and Jenn's apartment. It soon becomes apparent that this ghostly visitor is someone from Dex's past - and she holds a grudge. Trying to contend with her ever-growing feelings for Dex and having to witness his volatile relationship with Jenn firsthand, Perry is almost relieved to be doing some normal paranormal hunting at the mental institution. However, the institution holds some frightening secrets and Perry and Dex spend a terrifying night trapped in the basement of the most haunted ward ****spoiler begins****it is there Dex asks Perry if she is in love with him. Perry, not wanting to risk getting her heart broken, tells him she does not love him (and Dex believes her - the blind fool!!)****spoiler ends****.

Perry and Dex survive their ordeal but now the Christmas party looms. The events of the Christmas party are going to change their lives forever. It will have devastating and profound consequences for both Perry and Dex and nothing will ever be the same between them.

I would be lying if I said that this book did not break my heart into little pieces. The culmination of events and their heartbreaking conclusion was pretty much a given. Both Perry and Dex are pretty broken individuals, they have trusted each other with so much of themselves - but not their hearts. The resolution of this book left me devastated. I knew it had to happen and I cannot fully put blame on either party. I was mad at Dex for flaunting his relationship with Jenn at Perry true (I didn't think he could be so oblivious to her feelings) but at the end I realized he truly was in the dark about the true extent of them so it made it harder to be angry with him. 

I was initially not sure what to make of Dex at the beginning of the series but was assured by others that it is impossible not to fall in love with him. Well this book did that for me which is ironic since throughout most of it he was acting like an idiot. I get what makes him tick him more now whereas before he was a bit of a mystery. In many ways he is just as lost as Perry, if not more so. 

Perry...Perry...Perry. My girl was put through the wringer in this book. The ending was all the more devastating because I do not know where this heartbreak will take her. I think the next book is going to be even harder to read. I cannot wait but at the same time i am apprehensive...I want these two crazy kids together dammit!!

Lying Season was a brilliant entry in the series. It left me absolutely on tenterhooks - I cannot wait to find out what happens (so glad I got into this series now that On Demon Wings is out - I think the wait might have killed me!!).