Flat-Out Matt - Jessica Park

Well if I loved Matt in Flat-Out Love, I loved him even more in this companion novella. I enjoyed getting to see his perspective on certain chapters from Flat-Out Love, and I really loved the extra bits at the beginning and the end. It was great to see Matt hiking with Finn in the first chapter of the novella. It really sold their brotherly bond ****spoiler begins****and made we wish we could have met Finn for real in the first book****spoiler ends****.

I don't want to give too much away as Flat-Out Matt covers a lot of the same events as Flat-Out Love and I don't want to give out any spoilers for those who might not have read it yet (do it you won't be disappointed!). Suffice it to say I loved this. The last chapter in Flat-Out Matt will make fans of the the first book very, very happy (incidentally it addresses the only real issue I had with Flat-Out Love so that was a bonus for me). 

Would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Flat-Out Love. It definitely gives new insight into the events of the prior novel and who wouldn't be happy to see more of Matt??