Wait for You  - J. Lynn

Wait for You by J. Lynn (pseudonym for author Jennifer L. Armentrout) was a really involving contemporary romance novel (and I think Cam is up there on my list of top book boyfriends!). I read it in a single sitting - it was just that good. 

Avery Morgansten is a college freshman, who decides to start afresh on the other side of the country to escape a terrible event that happened to her five years ago; one which has tormented and hounded her. Avery is very protective of herself and doesn't let people in easily. This is all about to change when she literally runs into Cameron Hamilton, a popular and extremely good-looking junior. 

Cam is very interested in Avery and makes no secret of his attraction to her, asking her out at least twice a week even though she always turns him down. Although Avery is wary of his attention they become good friends with an easy banter that Avery cannot help but enjoy. However, as they get closer Avery's past begins to catch up with her. Although she is starting to fall for the handsome and attentive Cam Avery begins to pull away from him, as running away from things that are scary for her is a particular pattern that she always falls into. Will Cam break down the walls that Avery has built up around herself and help her deal with her past? Will the two of them have a viable future together?

Although this was in no way original (to be honest the story was very predictable for the most part) I really enjoyed this and the characters were well written and behaved in a believable way. I loved, loved, loved Cam. He was absolutely adorable and really made the book for me. Avery was harder to relate to but when her past was revealed it was heartbreaking and you could understand why she was so prickly and stand-offish. The supporting characters were interesting too and I get the feeling the next book may be about Cam's sister Teresa who I think would be a make a great protagonist given her backstory.