The Hunter and The Hunted (Otherworld Stories, #7.3, 10.5) - Kelley Armstrong

I bought this mainly just to read the first chapters of 13 prior to that book being released, but have now just gotten back to reading the other short stories contained within this collection.

First up is Stalked. This is a short tale from the POV of Clayton Danvers. It follows Elena and Clay on their honeymoon and having to deal with a 'mutt' who wants Elena for himself and is willing to go up against Clay to get at her. It is not the most fascinating of Clay's narrated short stories (those would be found in Men of the Otherworld and Tales of the Otherworld) but it is entertaining and I like getting to see inside Clay's head. 

Next up is Off-Duty Angel. This is told from Eve's POV. Eve is one of my favourite narrators (along with Elena) so naturally I particularly loved this one, short though it was. I loved seeing the Otherworld version of the afterlife and it was also good to see Kristof and Trsiel again.