Counterfeit Magic (Otherworld Stories, #10.3) - Kelley Armstrong, Maurizio Manzieri

This novella is narrated by Paige, who was the narrator of Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic, books 3 and 4 of the Women of the Otherworld series. Paige doesn't seem to be the most popular narrator of the series but I have always liked her so it was good to get back inside her head so to speak. 

Of course, Lucas, Savannah and Adam also feature prominantly in this novella. It starts of quite simply enough, with a client approaching Cortez-Winterbourne Investigations, a young women who is trying to find out who murdered her brother. This client however, seems to have a particular fascination with Lucas. Paige must confront the fact that her marriage may be in some trouble, though not necessarily from the angle it initially appears.

This was an enjoyable read, I particularly liked scenes involving the 'fight club'. I also liked seeing the dynamic shifting between Savannah and Adam. It was also interesting to see Paige have some doubts about Lucas as they have always appeared to be a rock-steady couple that nothing could come in between. 

This was a solid entry, not as involving as the main series but definitely worth reading.