Forbidden - Kelley Armstrong

Forbidden is a novella set in the Women of the Otherworld series. It is mainly told from the point of view of Elena Michaels, the original narrator of the series, and one of my personal favourites (along with Eve). 

Elena, who is preparing to step into the position of alpha, and her mate Clayton Danvers, have to travel to a nearby town to come to the aid of Morgan Walsh, a young werewolf first introduced in Frostbitten. He has been thrown in jail after being found, post-shift, naked in the nearby woods.

Elena and Clay come to the town to check out this 'mutt' who has some aspirations of joining their pack. However, after being stranded in the town, they discover a trail of grisly goings-on. They come across a body, that looks to have been partially eaten, and they must stay to find out if it is something that could threaten their pack. Do they have yet another rogue mutt on their hands?

I really enjoyed this one. Morgan is certainly an interesting character. He is not a fighter, like some of the members of the pack, but he could well have something to offer them. The only thing is, can they trust him not to bring down trouble on their heads?

I always enjoy the werewolf stories as it is with their story that the novels began. Although at first I was ambivalent about Clay, who truly did a terrible thing in forcing Elena to become a werewolf by biting her all those years ago, he has really grown on me as a character. I have always loved Elena so enjoy reading from her perspective.

I hope Kelley Armstrong continues to write short stories such as this even though I am aware that the main series, at least for now, is at an end. I really do love this world and have become very attached to the vast majority of the characters.